Welcome to the Castilian Fleet

    We are an organization within the boundaries of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (or SCA for short) which deals in all aspects of nautical life between the historical periods of 600 through 1650 AD.

    You can learn more about us on the About the Fleet page. If you are hunting for a fun group in the kingdom of An Tir or just need information on maritime activities within our period of play, please feel free to continue on.

    To give a little more help in navigating our site, here is a small description of our links you will find along the left hand side of the page. THE FLEET link will give you a detailed description and rough timeline of the Castilian Fleet from whence we were founded to now and every event in between. PORT OF CALL will give you a schedule of events that our ships will officially be at for the current and future seasons. ROLL CALL gives you an in-depth description of the ships and clans that belong to or are affiliated with The Fleet. Included are links to biographies (sca-dian and mundane) of our our membership. In MERCHANTS , you will find a list of links to crafts-people and artists that can get you set up in "Middle Age Style," without having to give the tunic off yer back for it. Our AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE page is our way of recognizing members and non-members alike for their level of participation. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE will have our bulletin board system for communications and the like. Our LIBRARY will have reference information on the SCA, a nautical life in the middle ages, and other reference material for our members.

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